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All students enrolled in classes at Eastern Kentucky University may utilize Student Health Services, which is supported by a portion of the tuition costs, for their health care. CHANGE OF STUDENT STATUS If a student graduates, withdraws from school, is suspended or expelled, he/she becomes ineligible for services at Student Health Services. As soon as you anticipate any of these events, please notify SHS so that we can assist you in making arrangements with an outside provider of your choice for continuation of medical care and transfer of your medical records."


By Kentucky law, students under 18 years of age cannot be treated at Student Health Services without parental consent except in true emergencies. So underage students with routine problems are not inconvenienced, parents are advised to write a general letter of consent for treatment of their minor students at Student Health Service. Students should bring this letter of consent to Student Health Services the first time they seek medical care. A parental approval form is also available at our website, under forms.


Student Health Services is available for health care during the summer to any student enrolled in summer classes. EKU students not registered for classes in the summer months may utilize Student Health Services if they were registered in the preceding spring semester and are pre-registered for the following fall. This arrangement allows for continuity of care for students during the summer months.

New students registered for classes may utilize Student Health Services at no additional charge up to thirty days prior to the first day of classes if they become ill or are injured while on campus for a University sponsored event or conference.


The medical lab at SHS offers most testing typically found at a primary care doctor's office or an outpatient clinic. These include throat & urine cultures, rapid strep tests, rapid mono tests, urine pregnancy tests, fingerstick blood sugars & hemoglobins, urine dip & microscopic analysis etc, and are performed without any additional charge to students. They are performed when ordered by an SHS provider (Nurse Practitioner) for medically valid reasons; not merely at the request of a student. When more sophisticated tests are needed, they can be ordered by the provider and obtained through Quest Diagnostics, our reference lab. These labs must be paid for by the student at Student Accounts, or at SHS using a credit card, drawn by the clinical support staff at SHS, and sent to our reference lab via courier. Results are available within 24 to 48 hours for most labs. This service is restricted to labs ordered by our own providers; we cannot perform tests or draw labs ordered by outside providers.


Medications required by students may be prescribed by our health care providers; prescriptions written by our providers must be filled at one of our local pharmacies (see Community Resources for a list of pharmacies). 

Our staff can only administer medication dose(s) in the clinic upon the order of a health care provider. Orders from outside physicians must be reviewed by one of our providers before any medication can be administered to a student.


TB skin testing is available.  They are given Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30 am - 11:30 am & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Summer hours for TB skin testing may vary. No appointment is necessary. Please call 622-1761 for more details. 


Allergy shots are given Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 11:30 am & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Summer hours may vary. We recommend allergy shot patients call the office prior to arrival during the summer months to assure your shot can be given. The office number is 622-1761. No appointment is necessary. It is the student's responsibility to furnish the serum and written orders from his or her physician. Only current extracts may be kept in the refrigerator at Student Health Services. Student Health Services is not responsible for vials stored in the refrigerator. Any extract not claimed for a period of six months following the date of last injection will be destroyed. Each student will be responsible for ordering and maintaining his or her own supply of allergy extract. Extracts should not be mailed to Student Health Services. Instruction sheet and dosing schedule from allergist must be on file before injections are given. We do not give test doses or first-time injections. Students must wait TWENTY MINUTES (longer if ordered by Allergist) following allergy injections at Student Health Services, and be examined by clinical staff before leaving. PLAN YOUR VISITS FOR ALLERGY INJECTIONS SO THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WAIT THE REQUIRED TIME. Failure to comply will result in discontinuation of this service. Please report any delayed reactions to the staff before the next allergy shot is administered.


All immunization will be available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am -11:30 am & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Summer hours may vary. Please check our website for summer office hours. No appointment is necessary.

Tetanus shots are administered at the SHS following certain types of injuries, as determined by the medical provider. Tetanus boosters are recommended every 10 years, or more often with certain wounds.

Hepatitis B immunizations, a series of 3 shots, are available to students, at cost. These immunizations are strongly recommended for college-age students. Please call SHS details on payment or the vaccination schedule.

Meningitis Prevention: There is a safe and effective vaccine against four of the five strains of Meningococcus bacterium known to cause most of the cases of meningococcal meningitis. The vaccine offers protection for up to five (5) years; a booster dose five years after the first one is recommended if there is continued risk of meningococcal disease, e.g. continued living in residence halls or in army barracks, stationed in or journeying through a high-risk part of the world, or working with these pathogens, e.g in research or in a clinical lab. "As with all vaccines, not everyone vaccinated will be protected 100%". Due to insufficient demand at SHS, the Meningitis vaccine is no longer kept at SHS. It is, however, highly recommended for college students living in Residence Halls/Dormitories, especially freshmen. It can be obtained through your primary care doctor, pediatrician, or your local health department.

MMR-Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine is required of students in certain programs, e.g. nursing, OT/PT, Family and Consumer Sciences, Emergency Medical Services, etc., unless documentation of current immunity, through blood testing & demonstration of adequate antibody levels, is provided. SHS does provide this vaccine if proof immunity can't be proven or if a patient has never been vaccinated. 

Pertussis-Whooping Cough vaccine is required of students in certain programs, e.g. nursing, OT/PT, Family and Consumer Science, Emergency Medical Services, etc., unless documentation of current immunity, through blood testing & demonstration of adequate antibody levels, is provided. SHS does provide this vaccine if a student requires it. 

Varicella-Chicken Pox vaccine is required of students in certain programs, e.g. nursing, OT/PT, Family and Consumer Science, Emergency Medical Services, etc., unless documentation of current immunity, through blood testing & demonstration of adequate antibody levels, is provided. SHS does provide this vaccine if a student requires it. 

Flu vaccines are typically offered for free in small numbers to students each fall on a first come, first serve basis by SHS. Flu vaccines are also available every fall through local health departments, as well as at flu clinics held by retail pharmacies such as Kroger's Little Clinic, Walmart, Meijer, and Walgreens. The cost varies by the provider and is the responsibility of the student. It is highly recommended for students with chronic diseases of the heart, lungs, & kidneys, diabetes or other debilitating medical conditions, women in the third trimester of pregnancy, immunocompromised individuals etc. Those allergic to eggs should avoid the Flu vaccine.



Providers at SHS see and treat students with anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance. More complex psychiatric diagnoses, such as Psychosis, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorders, are managed by our psychiatrist, and so are ADD and ADHD. A psychiatrist is available one day a week at the EKU Counseling Center.  Please call 622-1303 for information and appointments.


A variety of free pamphlets, booklets, and other materials are available at the SHS. Students may utilize the computer terminal with Internet access in the SHS lobby to look up health-related topics of interest.

X-RAYS and other imaging studies (CT/MRI Scans; Ultra Sound; Echo's etc).

When the SHS provider determines that an X-ray, or other special study, is required for proper diagnosis, the student is sent to Pattie A. Clay Hospital Radiology Department, or to Open MRI, with an order. The cost of the X-ray/imaging study is the student's responsibility. Adequate health insurance coverage is, therefore, essential. See Health Insurance and for details. An X-ray, or any other study, cannot be performed without a physician's order.


See "Health Information sheet"(separate link on home page) for information on HIV/AIDS, including its signs and symptoms, ways of contracting it, and methods of avoiding it. This is "Required Reading" for all first-time students at EKU (freshmen and transfer students)- per KY statutes. Information regarding HIV/AIDS is also available at the SHS front lobby. Students with concerns regarding HIV/AIDS should see a medical provider at the SHS for consultation. All information is kept strictly confidential. Students desiring HIV/AIDS testing may do so at SHS or at the Madison County Health Department 623-7312.

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